Have just purchased my 2nd tub of the Two Islands unflavoured collagen beauty powder - this is a great, superior quality product which gives results... quickly! I have noticed significant differences with my skin already, my skin looks clearer and brighter already. The ethos of the brand cannot be faulted and I am happy to support a local brand. This product is just what I needed to support my existing skin, health and beauty regime.

Vanilla Collagen Beauty Powder

I have made my way through half a tub, and are loving this product! It tastes incredible, and is super easy to drink with just water alone. The collagen serving is a really decent dose which means more nutritional bang for buck! It's completely soluble and odourless too <3 Love, love, love.


I tried collagen for the first time last month, buying the Two Islands co natural powder because the concentration of collagen was higher than others on the market. I really wasn’t a fan of the taste though, it even made my coffee taste off so was struggling with it a bit! Ended up mixing it into oats every morning though which was fine. However, the vanilla one is SO good! I can drink it straight with water and I love the taste. I’m only 6 weeks into taking collagen but I do notice stronger nails and I think more glowing skin, so am excited to see what my skins looking like after finishing the vanilla pot!


I have just finished my first tub and I was super sceptical about this powder, but I love it!!!! I have noticed the biggest difference with my skin, my skin is so smooth and glowing, definitely recommend